Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Where Ma Kiwis gone?

So we are busy clearing the land to put it back to fields but we still have one tunnel standing. I've been watching our kiwi vine recently and having a feeling that something wasent right. Turns out the kiwis have been slowly disappearing over the last few weeks, just slow enough that I didn't notice right away.
So who or what was the culprit?
well turns out the rat had acquired a sweet tooth after eating a fair few of our grapes this season and had been slowly taking away our kiwis off the vine and storing them in this convenient tyre just outside the tunnel!

I've never seen rat activity like this which may mean there is a hard winter coming or just that they are getting used to us and the tunnel and are getting more cheeky, who knows?

We probably lost half our crop to them this year which is probably 2 kgs, a real pity as they are very nice kiwis, I don't really want to eat those ones after mr. Rat has had them ;-)

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