Wednesday, 5 September 2012


Well it's been a very busy year, not a very productive one, but busy all the same. I'm sure i'm not alone as a grower in questioning my vocation this year as it seemed that plants which enjoyed this weather were few and far between.
With the stress of doing our visa application, battling the weather and packing at the same time i'm really looking forward to winter, and also sad to be leaving this beautiful patch of land. It's been a long journey and I find myself stopping now and then in my work just to reflect and imprint this beautiful, rough landscape in my mind.
The new additions to the pony cultivator have worked really well: the discs being the main thing. These have enabled us to form lovely ridges crossways and lengthways in the fields to both drain and retain water as needed. They have been useful for growing root crops too and i think it's something we will continue in the States.
More to come, hopefully more regularly before we go. Only 3 months now!