Sunday, 6 May 2012

spike harrow

We seem to be coming to an understanding with Maude who is 15 years old and quite a  strong willed pony ;-),  which means we are starting to get some work done.
We are using the spike harrow to pull out any clumps of grass and to break up the soil into a nice seedbed. It takes time to get Maude into condition so we will only be doing a half hour or so a day to get her used to it.
More to follow..

Friday, 4 May 2012

Let them eat Rocket

Wow posts are getting farther and farther apart, but anyway wanted to talk a little about one of my favourite food plants, wild Rocket. I don't have a picture to hand but most people will know this jagged leaved spicy salad. We grow a lot of this in the tunnels and out in the field. Don't like to use the word too much but as a "permaculture" plant it's very useful.
Being perennial we can just let it grow each year and harvest throughout the season. It stays in permanent beds which just need a bit of weeding and mulching now and then. It's also a great mainstay to sell to restaurants while the other crops come on later in the season. I'm estimating that we will be selling over 10 kilos a week come july so it's earning it's nickname of "green gold"

Perennial plants are a real bonus for a market garden and the challenge is getting past the hype to see what a good yielding and tasty commercial crop is. A lot of promoted crops tend to be bitter or mealy, and don't quite live up to the descriptions people give to them.  We are constantly looking for more low maintenance crops that taste good, sell well and grow well together. Wild Rocket, asparagus, globe artichokes all seem to do well for us.

More posts to follow, progress is being made with our pony powerhouses and new ridging implement