Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Last Season

Well folks I'd been holding out in case it would be different but it looks lie there won't be anyone to carry on the project when we are gone. The owners of the land have indicated they would not be willing to sell the land after all, and so this will be our last season.

So we've had some good years here and it will be sad to put it all back to fields, it's been a lovely experience building up the orchard and seeing the first fruit come. Just in the last year we've had a proper crop of kiwis, 50kg+ of grapes, blackcurrants, strawberries, gooseberries, myrtus ugni, apples, cherries, jostaberries and of course all of the delicious vegetables and herbs.

I've watched our local barn owl sweeping across the fields on an evening,  scythed grass on a summers morning. Grown to know that pigs are a great animal to have on the farm ;-) and working with pasture is a real art form.

Someone said " Tractors were invented for people who are afraid of horses" So this year we have sold the tractor and are working with true horsepower! I'm going to be a bit more consistent with entries and especially photographs this last season so i can really get a taste of this last year. We aim to take everything down by October so while being a short one, ther season is shaping up to be a good one.

America is on the horizon and i'd like to thank any and everyone who's read my blog, it's been a great journey and I will miss it. But the journey continues in America and like my great grand uncles I will be sailing the cunard line to come into the New world via New York.

Springs here lets get working!