Friday, 9 September 2011

Back on track

Well after some nefarious non-entities hijacked my blog along with lots of others, I've managed to reclaim my Space!
So whats the news? well our lovely Kune Kune pig, "Ebony" has had a litter of 5 piglets. 3 black 2 orange, 3 boars and 2 girls..
This is "Po Po" despite a no name policy so as not to complicate their probable future, this one has sneaked in..

So they are all down at our house with their mother, running and fighting and starting to graze which is really great. We've just moved them to fresh pasture with George and little Dylan's help in the pouring rain, thanks guys!
Kune's tend to graze more than root, although they are quite happy to root when there is not a lot of grazing. (hopefully that puts that debate to rest ;-) ) There is a wide range of grasses and useful plants such as plantain and yarrow in their pasture which is good for their health. It also saves us money from buying more of the dreaded pig nuts!

Once they are a few weeks older they will go up to the land where the veg is and hopefully graze under the apple trees. We gather their manure every few days and pile it up to make compost, and try and rotate them onto fresh pasture every few weeks, we can already see how the grass quality is improving from their influence.

Very cute..

At typical morning pick at the moment. loads of beetroot, baby turnips and kilos of wild rocket for the restaurants..