Thursday, 14 July 2011

Pony Power

 So the last few weeks have been interspersed with learning how to work with our neighbour's Ponies, "Bunting" and "Maude". Thanks to local Horseman extraordinaire, Chris, we have now learned some of the basics in using these lovely ponies to work on the land.

Small scale horsework is making a comeback and these dartmoor ponies are very strong for their size, doing lots of tractor jobs like cultivating, moving things around etc.
Up until last Thursday we'd been training with the ponies at Chris's, but have now had a real taste of what real "Horsepower" is all about! 
 "Bunting" and "Maude" ready for work?
 Ridging Potatoes with  a willing bunting despite the heat and flies
 Pulling the sled full of stones

This is all part of the next stage in the evolution of the project in becoming a bit more sustainable and closer to ground level. We are not saying goodbye to the tractor just yet, but in terms of a pleasant four hours with the ponies compared to a noisy tractor it can't be beat.

Thanks to Louise for allowing us to use her ponies and Chris for all his time and patience, and of course Maude and Bunting for doing the work!