Wednesday, 9 February 2011


Well it's been a busy month, fixing up the tunnel with the help of lots of helping hands and generous pockets.
Thanks to everyone who contributed: Pez, Pip, Morwenna, tamsin, maurice and ethan!, jude, shirley, george, johnny, lesley, adam, lisa, piers, leo and arthur. Tim and Hilary, marina, lesley, traci, ciara and anyone else i've forgotten?
Thanks to lesley for organising the press release and to theresa, john, dee and ludgvan church for their generosity.
We should have enough to put a skin on at least one of the tunnels in the near future.
This was the morning everyone came

And that evening when everyone had worked so hard...

So we face the new year with some trepidation. We have no idea yet of who did this sneaky and cowardly act, and maybe it doesn't matter because of the huge support we received from people. I think it's going to be a good year, so roll on Spring.