Tuesday, 16 November 2010


With everything slowing down for winter it's time to really start using the tractor to it's full potential. I can load 2-3 tons on the trailer down at Marazion, the closest beach. It's a long haul back up the hill but good old "Brogh" as he/she is called manages it no bother.

I'm hoping to get 50 tons at least on each field in time for spring to really boost the fertility. Another fact i found whilst searching is that 1.3 tons of sea sand is equivalent to 1 ton of lime,  so every time some seaweed is brought up we are bringing the ph to a better level for the plants.
Garlic is all in thank god! Ordered about 10kgs this year which with all the rain we've had was quite an effort to get in. Lots of french types, including: sultop, dario, thermidrome, jollimont, lautrec, etc.
Itt's my birthday today so will probably go and get more seaweed ;-)


  1. Happy Birthday! What a lovely day for it - lunch at Jordan's whilst you're down in Marazion? Ice cream for pud? Enjoy!

  2. oh, whoops - a day late - well, hope you had a good one!