Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Been a while...

Well after much messin aroun' we managed to get a new memory stick for the camera, which has promptly broken! So no images for a while folks.

Just to give an update it's been a great summer so far, our grape harvest is pretty spectacular inside the main tunnel, despite the blackbirds stuffing their beaks full!

Our garlic came along well especially, "Lautrec" which we will be planting lots of this September. Def the best year for onions. Potatoes did ok in the new field, some big ones, a lot of wire worm mores the pity so we will have to tackle that one way or another..

We now have a lot of flax/Linseed to harvest and find a use for, chicken feed? Despite the crows there will be enough oats for a few bowls of porridge and the quinoa really did well.
For anyone concerned about Quinoa crossing with "fat hen" as they are both chenopodiums, i wouldnt worry too much as once they are both starting to seed they look very different so it's easy to rip out the fat hen for your salad.

Its been raining a lot recently so bit worried about rotten grains but fingers  crossed..