Friday, 12 March 2010

we plough the fields...

well john the farmer did actually but i've been harrowing away like agood thing over the last few days.
so we are going for what is large scale for us, a one acre field in a conventional way.
A used disc harrow costs about £700 so that wasen't an option now i've spent everything on the david brown now called david brogh or Brogh for short!
so i rigged meself up a custom made recycled and hand crafted harrow otherwise known as a big heavy thing to drag behind the tractor.

so what did i have around that i could use? well some telephone poles and some seatbelts we had found in a skip thinking they would come in useful one day as windbreaks or as it turns out harrow belts.

so brogh is a big help with this, and powered with biodiesel means it's much more pleasant to run. there's a bit less power on biodiesel but it doesn't make a big difference.
next step is to make/find a chain harrow and maybe rotavate before we sow linseed, oats, phacelia and rapeseed!