Monday, 6 April 2009


Every Spring I say "this is going to be the one" what do I mean by that? well, the Spring where i finally get everything done on time, where i have a foolproof strategy for slugs, where all the seeds are planted etc etc
And of course i said this would be the one and i have a mountain of things to complete!
This year is a year of expansion, another half acre under production, a new polytunnel (the melon house), much larger amounts of things like carrots, onions, spuds, sweetcorn, beans etc more fruit, and some grain.

Well that's the plan anyway, in reality we have a huge crow problem this year.
Anytime we plant something they swoop down in a mob(or murder) and eat the lot:
so far spuds, peas and oats. I really don't know what to do about it.

So i like to compare this kind of growing to juggling, at any one moment you can have 20-30 top priorities, and you have to decide which is the most pressing. Is it the crows? the second polytunnel so you have space for baby plants? the onions to be weeded, what about the rabbits still getting in and eating all the salads? and you'll need a better water supply for summer, nows the time to do it.. and on..and on...

So that's what i'm up to, i can't really post pictures of any of this just yet, but we'll get there, we'll get there.