Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Looking at the date of my last post i can see that i'm only managing a post a month at the moment. hmmm...well lots had been happening. I have still to get around to ordering more of the long lasting camera batteries so have had to make do with old rechargeable ones which last about 2 mins..

so I have been mainly working on fencing in the entire hectare (2 acres) field. It's taken a while and there are still a few holes that the rabbits are finding but we are getting there. Its great to have the whole field to work in, and still a bit strange getting used to it.

Around the same time we have had some sunny weather for a change and managed to get the skin on the small tunnel, or the "melon house" as it's being called! you can just about see it beside the big tunnel..

More posts to follow, including the latest gadget!

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