Saturday, 27 September 2008

Golden Days

Well after a dreary, dripping "summer" we are now enjoying the sun through September. All the plants are enjoying a growth spurt and things are ripening like they should be.
We are heading into the last month of the boxes for this season, all our onions are dried and most of them braided. carrots are looking good:

some of the tomatoes are getting big- here's a 1 pounder (400 grms if you're from brussels) called "sarah black" which has kind of black streaks in it's skin and a nice fruity taste.

Being a Veggie geek we had to go to the "giant and unusual veg show" at kehellend garden centre where i work sometimes. It was pretty amazing, some of the pumpkins were big enough to sit in,

giant cabbages, and 5 foot long leeks.

This weather is also perfect for putting up a tunnel so watch this space..

Wednesday, 3 September 2008

The Seasons Change

I haven't posted much for a while because not much has changed. It's been rainging on and off for weeks now. Our winter squash patch is a graveyard and slugs stalk the beds, daring anyone to mess with them. Here's a bucket of slugs i picked in about 5 minutes in a few beds:

Nevertheless we keep working away, saving what we can. Things like tomatoes are doing well despite the lack of sun. Our indoor beans are really prolific and when the rabbits aren't getting in we have some salad!!

You can feel autumn in the air these mornings, seems a lot earlier this year. With the change of season comes a change of activity - it's time to start storing for winter, saving seed and to begin planning for next year.