Thursday, 5 June 2008

Action day

What a beautiful day we had, The sun was shining and the mood was mellow. This was the second action day this year with about 7 people showing up to work in the midday sun.

Once again I was amazed at how much can be done when a group of people get together with a common aim. The pond was dug down even further, beds were made, wheelbarrows repaired, and we finally got some courgettes in the ground!

We also got beds tilled, lawns mowed and most importantly got to taste rose's blueberry muffins...

Thanks to Martin, Mike, Vivian, John, Theresa, John, WindRose, and Adrian for such a great day.
Bees to follow

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  1. Hello dear hearts,
    Having just discovered some of the many things the web site offers; like how to make the pictures big and that there is a 126 picture gallery to view, I feel like I spent the morning at your place!

    The bee in the bok choi looked either like a bear with wings or a bison with wings depending on the angle. So good to see my great girl on the beach and you two at the tunnel looking very handsome indeed(both of you). What a huge amount of work! Ah yes, the bodman..I assume it was bodman...the titles were cut off. All I saw was bodm. I learned alot from the visuals. Amazing to see the hive bees at work. There were so many sights I never saw before in my life. Even when stricken by frost, the colors in the potato leaves were beautiful. What delicious looking Kiwis.I didn't know the blue pipe was for heating, amazing.

    It was so lovely to "see" you both again. If it wasn't raining very hard here today, I'd prepare the last quater of Moon Cottage's garden and plant chili seeds in the pots by the front door. As it is, I'll just have to go check out the water fall. It must be gushing.

    Blessings rest upon you.
    Mariposa Mom