Friday, 11 April 2008

A touch of frost

Today i'm mourning the loss of my spuds. Frost isn't something you usually have to worry about here in Cornwall, but we've had some really cold weather recently.
So right now this is what my spuds are looking like:

now because i'm not used to frost down here i panicked.. oh my gahd!! no spuds for the customers!!, but luckily it seems that they will regrow after a while, it just means a much later crop. I know i should know this being an irishman, but hey you can't know everything

Just before this i'd planted some more asparagus, a purple variety from Italy.
here they are all laid out like terrestrial squid

and the peach has bloomed, followed by little fuzzy baby peaches. By July they should be beginning to swell, ripen and smell real good.

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