Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Pond Party

So we had our talk last weekend, it went really well. I was quite surprised to find myself being quite calm on the day, had a kind of a "let's get on with it" attitude!
The soil assocation(who were hosting it) did a great job of organising it and providing lovely locally sourced food.
It was a slow start but once we got into it, I had a great time, being able to talk about our project and especially the future of a self-reliant Cornwall! So not bad for a first-timer and after only 5 hours sleep due to our car breaking down the night before.

The next day was our action day, we were looking to put in a pond to encourage wildlife and have a definite water supply.

It was forecast for rain so not as many as expected showed up. However we did get 7 dedicated people who got stuck in. It was truly amazing how fast the work progressed in only a few hours!

It was quite cold so we had to keep moving, our new rocket stove made the tea in much shorter time than the previous one and so we would sit down and eat muffins and drink tea either in the warmth of the tunnel or outside when the sun came out.

There's only a bit more to do now.
So thanks to Steve, Martin, Mike, Rusty, Denise, Pez and Pippa for your help and company. Ye really saved my back!

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