Saturday, 23 February 2008

Surrender to the Blender

So it's the mad time of year at the moment. Everything needs to be in the ground since last week, the animals are active- mice eating beans, and i'm flat out!!

Because we are still short on open ground i've had to take in the Rotovator again. I call it the blender because it's like taking the soil and blending it up. All the structure of the soil is destroyed, worms are cut to bits and the ground turns into a spongy mess.

But hey it's quick!

and at the moment quick is what I need. Looking back on the last few years I can see the difference in the amount of seed we've been using. 2 years ago was we used about 30-50 broad beans. Last year was 120, this year....


Same goes for everything else, much more spuds, tons of corn, and about an acre's worth of Winter squash and courgettes.

It's our biggest year yet.

And speaking of "our", My partner WindRose has decided to come in from the sidelines and be a business partner too for this year. I've noticed the difference already as everything is getting done much quicker..

The tunnel is coming together:

The peach we bought recently is now covered in pink blossoms, which we need to hand pollinate as the bees are only peeking their proboscis's out of the hive on a sunny day.

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  1. Changes indeed, & now Windrose is a BUSINESS partner! Ahh I remember the discussions (& worse) around the Eco-Op meetings about formalising etc. Still there are fluffy/polite ways of doing it & well... the way it went with the Eco-op... disastrous!!! Anyway nice to see Lowarth Brogh developing with the change of season.