Saturday, 23 February 2008

Surrender to the Blender

So it's the mad time of year at the moment. Everything needs to be in the ground since last week, the animals are active- mice eating beans, and i'm flat out!!

Because we are still short on open ground i've had to take in the Rotovator again. I call it the blender because it's like taking the soil and blending it up. All the structure of the soil is destroyed, worms are cut to bits and the ground turns into a spongy mess.

But hey it's quick!

and at the moment quick is what I need. Looking back on the last few years I can see the difference in the amount of seed we've been using. 2 years ago was we used about 30-50 broad beans. Last year was 120, this year....


Same goes for everything else, much more spuds, tons of corn, and about an acre's worth of Winter squash and courgettes.

It's our biggest year yet.

And speaking of "our", My partner WindRose has decided to come in from the sidelines and be a business partner too for this year. I've noticed the difference already as everything is getting done much quicker..

The tunnel is coming together:

The peach we bought recently is now covered in pink blossoms, which we need to hand pollinate as the bees are only peeking their proboscis's out of the hive on a sunny day.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Spring has sprung

So February is here, and we are halfway through it already. Hard to believe it seems to be going so fast. Looking back at last year's journal I see we are planting everything a lot earlier, and I seem to have a bit of a better plan together.
How long that will last I don't know! But at least with some crops in the ground I feel more confident about this year.

We decided on more potatoes this year -"Desiree" - a nice red skinned one which makes glorious chips, and "Sante" a nice fluffy, white spud which has been very reliable and tasty the last two years.

I'm putting them in where the souds and onions were last year mainly because it's the easiest patch to dig. I'll be getting more into rotations next year.

It's lovely rich soil, improved with compost and should be perfect for them.

We are also starting to expand up into the rest of the field- we only use about a quarter at the moment. I have been madly purchasing apples, peaches, plums and cherries and can now boast of a 20 tree orchard!

it feels great to have the extra fencing in, opens up the field and really makes it seem like the project is progressing...

Updates on the tunnel coming soon......

Monday, 4 February 2008

Thinking of Summer

It's real Winter weather at the moment and while I can hide in the tunnel when it gets really rough, i'm missing the pleasure of wandering round the garden in the sunshine.

So i've been looking at some old clips of the garden from last summer.

I thought i'd include one to both remember how lovely it can be and that these howling winds and hailstones won't last forever!