Thursday, 31 January 2008


A quick update on a crop I was quite excited about last Winter. It's called "Pepino" (Solanum muricatum).

I was interested in it for many reasons: taste- it's supposed to taste like a melon and pear combined, productivity, season - November to December, it's also a perennial so will last from season to season if given a helping hand.

The main reason was it was strange looking so i had to have it!

Anyway I obtained some seeds from Trade Winds Fruit

A great site with one of the biggest collections of hard to find seeds I have ever come across, they even have purple kiwis.

They grew extremely well, just like tomatoes and share that wonderful trait of putting out aerial roots so you can literally snap off a branch and it will root readily.

The only hard thing was working out when they were at their ripest. A light yellow tinge told you it was almost time, but if you took too long they were soft and pretty horrible.

When you got it right- around mid December, they were really good: crisp, refreshing and mildly lemony, peary and melony. They had lots of fruit some of which the birds got their beaks into.

The best thing was being able to go to the tunnel around Christmas and be able to harvest something that wasen't a lettuce or a bit of kale..

So the plants are still here and i plan to use them next year. They are slowly creeping into fashion, I see places like Thompson and Morgan stock them.

It's late and there's more diggin to be done.

until next time.

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