Saturday, 27 October 2007

Ready for Winter

Today was my last Saturday delivery, 2 more boxes to go and that's it for this year. I'll publish a full appraisal of the year in another post, for now i'm winding up the season in many small ways.
One job that's finished is the bees. They've begun to head into hibernation and have eaten the honey out of the old combs, here's a picture of them with Mounts bay in the background:

And feasting on one of the last combs of honey...if you blow this image up you can even see them putting their "tongues" into the cells to get the honey, that's my gals!!

Their are a number of things to be doing, gathering carpets to put on the ground for new beds come the Spring, seaweed to put on those beds, build the second tunnel, get the heating working...lots and lots

but for now i can relax and begin to plan this while relaxing with some nice tea...

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