Wednesday, 3 October 2007


Last Sunday was our open/action day.
It was a chance for anyone who had not yet seen the site to get a feel for the place and see where their weekly box came from. People started arriving at 10 and the day just flew..It was supposed to end at 2 but people were still around until 3.

People seemed to be eager to work, something i hadn't really planned for so it ended up that some cleared hedges, tended the fire for tea and took it in turns to push the hand mower!

I was so busy talking to people that i forgot all about taking pictures so only have a few!
here's the last stragglers having a chat:

And Ben one of the customers, flying by with some woodchips for the heap-
cheers Ben!

It was a great day and felt really good to have so many people up on the land chatting and having a laugh.

Good news with the bees aswell. I've managed to try a slightly unorthodox combining method by placing the brood box(where the babies reside) onto the Top bar and putting newspaper between. the idea is that the bees take a day or 2 to eat their way through the paper by which time they have gotten used to the other hives scent.

it seems to have worked, there is a big hole in the paper and the previously angry bees semm to have calmed down. (not totally though so i'll keep me gloves on for the moment..)

that's all for now folks..........

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