Sunday, 16 September 2007

winter a comin

well yet again it's been a while since i've posted. I suppose i can blame it on the bees. Some sad news there. It seems that the hive we disturbed has lost it's queen, when i say lost i mean she's died or been killed by accident. some kind of disturbance could have caused it and you guess what the latest disturbance was..
yes me...
so i feel quite dumb at the moment realising what i've probably done.
Right now the bees have been queenless for about 2 weeks, they're listless, grumpy and feel like somethings missing..
so i'm doing my best to find a replacement queen before they die off. fingers crossed.

I've collected a small sample of honey from the other hive, it's delicious and keeps me upbeat about next season.

i'm making big plans for next year already, tunnel 2 is being built and carpets are being laid out everywhere i can put them so i can have loads of beds for next season.
With all the fine weather i've seen a surge in crops like tomatoes which are really filling the boxes now, i'm giving samples to everyone i know at the moment and they seem to be popular.
Pumpkins are really going well too.
This japanese pumpkin was only this big on the 16th August:

then only 8 days later:

so more to come soon. I'm off to ireland for a week and when i'm back will hold forth on such such subjects as ponds, refractomoters and geo-thermal energy!