Friday, 3 August 2007

Beeautiful bees

It's been a while since the last post, and this time i've got a good excuse..Stung by bees..what!
Yes, it's a long and somewhat shameful story..

It all started with us complaining about the height of the "national" beehive, it was too low, the frames were way too heavy, it tired you out...
So it's been in our minds for a while now to lift it up onto some extra concrete blocks one of these nights.

That night came around last sunday after playing a samba gig in penzance and availing myself of the free guinness..

It was all going well until we realised (by the light of the full moon)that we had neglected to lift up the bottom board on the hive, this resulted in hoardes of sleepy, confused bee flying on, around,and at us..

While lifitng the hive i had bravely muttered "even if we get stung we have to keep going" this was put to the test when roughly 7 bees were crushed by my drunken knees against the side of the hive..

A very sobering burning sensation soon began to make itself known there prompting me to leap in the air, and run for the car, leaving my poor girlfriend to fend for herself!!

To anyone watching it must have been a strange site indeed, a beekeeper in the light of the moon, flailing and swatting himself, running around a field, tearing his clothes off!

Well anyway, the swelling went dwon 3 days later, and so has my swollen head after realising that even though i've read all the books, my girlfriend is a lot calmer around the bees than i am..

So since then we have had a lovely visit with the "top-bar" hive, the bees are working away building their beautiful comb

If you enlarge this picture you should be able to see the different colours of pollen that they are bringing in.
Working in this hive is a dream, they never seem to get angry and we rarely use smoke. I just hope they have enough stores for winter.

I'll be writing an update on the plant world at badger's garden soon, including plans for expansion and the magical world of mushrooms (no, not that kind!)

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