Thursday, 10 May 2007

Windy Weather

It's been a while since the last post, but then again so much has happened! Our first delivery went well with pete delivering to the more far-flung customers and yours truly bringing the boxes into penzance.

It was a small delivery, and i reassured the customers that this was only the beginning and as it was a CSA scheme they would be receiving way more than what they paid for onve we had reached june.july. Still it's hard getting people to take a chance on you, especially when it's their money.
"Why not just call it a box scheme!" I hear them think, well because it's not, and this seems to be a hard concept to get across in England(sorry Cornwall).
SO we have had some mad winds lately, the tunnel is really getting tested. I sat through the wildest wind yet yesterday, freaking out every time a big gust made the whole tunnel shake. It was like being at sea in a boat you're not sure is up to the task, creaks and moans, cracks and groans. But she survived and I intend to purchase some nice big straps to put over the top just in case...
The courgettes are coming along nicely:

They are a nice tasting variety from italy, and something a bit different for the customers..
Elsewhere in the tunnel there are the crimopson flowered broad beans, they are all in flower, attracting the bees, and the humans as they smell so good:

So as we begin to enter summer the garden is starting to fill out, there is still a lot to be done, but i'm quite pleased with how this is going.
More later.

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