Saturday, 26 May 2007

stone the crows!

Well what can i say these pesky crows have eaten all of my grains! I was a bit lazy about it i suppose, thought they wouldn't notice when i was planting it. I must admit i felt a bit paranoid at the time , they seemed to be flying above me a lot, cawing back and forth to one another, letting each other know what was going on?
Anyway i set out my millet and wheat in seperate beds, and watered them..
sure enough over the next few days there were lots of scratch marks in the compost and not much seedling activity..
So what to do?

Well strings seemd to be the first option, didnt work so i tried tape, all those old cassettes that i was sure to use some day? well they were promptly disemboweled and strung around the place, while it hasent stopped their thieving it has slowed it down somewhat.
slugerooos next...

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