Tuesday, 1 May 2007

If you want to do something with your life....

There's a song i heard at a permaculture convergence that goes like this:
If you want to do something useful with your life, go and plant some trees.

I was singing this song as we finsihed up another windy day at Badgers garden. When we were in Tontnes, Devon a few months ago We found loads of baby oaks under a big tree. We took them home and they have been in a sack of soil ever since..
So on Mayday eve we decided to just plant the lot..

turns out there were 67 of them, which will make quite a grove sometime in the future!
It always feels great to be planting trees, a kind of investment in the future, a statement about what kind of world I'd like to see, or maybe it's just planting trees!
No matter, it feels good and brings a sense of permanance to Badger's Garden.

The beautiful ash trees that were planted by folk on the action day are now coming into leaf, the flowers are blooming in the hedgerows, summer is being painted on the landscape.
Things are coming along in the polytunnel now aswell, peas are blooming and courgettes too, outside the drab brown of the potatoe beds is greening up fast with new growth and the small touches like flax seedlings pushing through the straw put out a feeling of exuberance, barely contained excitement..it's coming alive folks!
As I do less work in the day job and concentrate more and more on my passion for plants I find that the work i put into the garden is paid back 10 times in results, it's very satisfying, and what keeps me doing it.
People debate whether it's an art form, I would argue for this, except why would I bother arguing? The plants are my paint and the field a canvas, it's a co-creative act, between me and the land, and never fails to surprise me.

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