Wednesday, 11 April 2007


wow it's hot! has been for days now. At first it was lovely, felt like we had fast forwarded to June
without any April showers. But the novelty is wearing off for me anyhow. Each day I wake up to a blue sky and find myself praying for rain. Am I turning into a farmer?
Not quite but I'm beginning to realise just how crucial the right weather at the right time is. Without rain, I have to cart gallons of water down to my plot and quench the thirst of my parched plants and sandy soil.
So i'm praying for rain, and clouds, and grey weather. Everything i've been wishing away. Are humans ever satisfied!?
Anyway, on to the progress, with a delivery of compost from the Green waste company I've managed to almost fill the tunnel with soil. Peas, Broad beans, salads and some corn are in, making a plastic tunnel into a planthouse. It's beautiful.

The compost is a dream, moist, dark and rich. I've sown 2 extra rows of onions, with space for some flax/quinoa in the middle, should look nice in the summer.(or is it already summer?)

The damson tree is in blooom, has a lovely scent, it's also a nice place to view the garden from.

So next steps are to activate the woodchip pile with grass clippings and lots of water, finish the big sweetcorn bed, doors on tunnel, gate for garden, ponds, and did I mention bees?

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