Thursday, 19 April 2007

It's been a while..

Well hello stranger! Yeah it has been a while, lots of things happening all at once..As they do..
Lets see now, well one of the most exciting things has been the arrival of around 60,000 (haven't counted them all yet) BEES. We got them from a local man last Sunday and installed them in what i call the "fox corner" which is where i met a fox the first time i was in this field..
They are, pun intended, "busy as bees" zooming in and out of the hive, working away, making lots of honey. I've yet to look into the hive, and can't wait till i do this sunday!
With my mate steve bringing loads of fresh grass clippings to the site, the heap is now heating up to 50-60 degrees, too hot to put your hand inside!
the coil of pipe is almost full with water, i'll need some kind of crafty home-made valve to get rid of the air inside...

Plants are going in everywhere, early sweetcorn, flowers on the courgettes, herbs, pumpkins, and of course the massive bag of onions is still only about half empty, so much more of that to be planted..
Another action day is happening on the 22nd of April, so will have a longer post after that, thought i'd show you a picture of an interesting plant i 'm growing called a "Pepino", tastes a bit like a melon, so i'm told, ripens around december, so a great alternative to apples from china..

more to come..

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