Tuesday, 24 April 2007

Action day

So our second action day, we had a bit more luck with the weather this time, and got loads of work done. The day started with Rose and taking our first look at the bees. It was quite an experience I can tell ya! We had been to the previous owners house to see and learn from him how to examine the hive, it was nice to see him do it, however when it was just the 2 of us the tension began to mount!
here's a pic of me smoking the hive:

What looks from the outside like just a black box is revealed to be a vibrant city of creatures engaged in facinating, intricate work. Amazing! I could have watched them all day..But we had a jobn to do, so after checking for any disease or swarming we put all the covers on and left them alone for another week. It was such an amazing experience it's hard to write about the action day with as much enthusiasm!
Well what can I say, everywhere I looked something happening. Liz tackled the gateposts, while martin foucused on the tyres, pete took care of mulching the sweetcorn
while Amber and her kids helped fill beds with compost.

Merlin thought he would test how deep the hole was...
Rose was here there everywhere planting and loading compost and I got stuck into making a nice bed for the brocolli!
It felt great to have the site progress so much in a short period of time. Here was a week of me working on my own being done in a few hours. It really brought home to me the power of community, and what's possible with a few people and some good intentions
Thanks guys!

So the countdown is approaching to the first delivery on the 5th of May, i'm hoping there's enough for everyone, and yet in a way i'm not too worried as it is in a way a good lesson to learn about CSA, how the share reflects the garden: that there isn't much about at this time of year and so the boxes reflect this, june onwards will be packed with lots of produce, exceeding what the customer are paying, so i guess it all works out..
I just hope the customers see it that way!

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