Saturday, 3 March 2007

Strange fruits

As part of this project, i'll be introducing weird and wonderful fruit and veg which will be available throughout the year at Lowarth Brogh.

First on the list is one of my favourites: It's called "Melothrie" or "mouse melon" or "mexican Gherkin" for all you latin folks: "Melothria pendula"

It's a great plant I grew last year, it forms an amazing web-like vine with literally hundreds of these small gherkins hanging from it.
They look exactly like minature watermelons! The taste is something like a cucumber but much milder, they crunch in your mouth and are great in salads.

They are extremely proloific and can be pickled at the end of the year to be eaten at your leisure on those cold winter evenings.

Definately something to try this year, it will be interesting to see how the customers like it. It caused quite a stir at the health food shop..!

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