Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Majestic lady

At last at last she is complete! The tunnel has arisen, and what a journey it has beem. From a few hoops to the final nail it;s really been a learning experience for me.
It was a lovely day today, really warm, so the decision was made to bring out the plastic:

Once it was warmed up we unrolled it, man it was massive! Talk about daunting.. We got it unfurled and sprang into action..

That's me fighting with the plastic, the wind decided to come up at that point..

and here starting to get stressed out..
Working out a way to get as much tension on the plastic as possible, this way seemed to be the best for back muscles!

After much work our majestic lady was revealed..:

As the sun went down we were just about finished...7 hours later...

darkness fell as we were finishing, just in time for a last photo..

exausted, but tomorrow is another day, lots to do, lots to grow..
Thank you Rose for helping me and putting up with me in my mad stress mode!

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