Saturday, 31 March 2007


So far the heap has remained cold, where i've put manure in the centre it's reached up to 47 degrees but everywhere else is stone cold.
Since researching more information and attending a waste conference last week i've realised i need more moisture, lots more. For the woodchips to begin their decomposition process they need moisture. To speed this up I also need more green material, things like grass clippings.
So what i've done is dug out the centre of the heap:

i'll gradually start to mix it with grass clippings and fresh manure, and soaking it as i go. Because the woodchips are from old doors etc it's very dry wood, so it needs loads of water.

Now that the tunnel is up i can concentrate on this, while also filling the tunnel with plants. It's just over a month until the first delivery and i'm getting worried that there won't be enough to give to everyone. The sooner i have a heated tunnel the better, as it will speed everything up..
at the end of the day though it's worth it, as i drive out of the field i can see this in the mirror ;-)

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