Friday, 16 March 2007

A day in the trenches

Well time marches on and we wait ever more impatiently for a hot and still day to put on the skin for the polytunnel. The final trenches are dug, Rose gave a hand on the finishing touches:

I've decided to put in some big airvents to keep my tomatoes nice and blight free this season, i'm hoping the tunnel will be quite warm with the woodchips heating it up. It's been climbing steadily after a shaky start. It wasen't doing anything until i stuck a few bags of fresh horse manure into the centre, now it's reading 47 degrees!

The beds are slowly coming on aswell with the thousands of onions hankering to get in and start growing. I'm of 2 minds whether to stick a complete no-dig system and use what i have or else cart in tons of compost from a company 4 miles away...decisions decisions..

This area covered in straw is to be the bean tunnel. As you come into the garden there will be a huge arch with beans, nasturtiums and god knows what else clambering up it. It should be a nice entrance to the garden with lots of colour and scent surrounding you.

I know i havent published in a while, but that will change as i make the move to this being my full income and the weather warms up. We have an action day planned for the 25th of march and after that it's all about getting ready for the first delivery on the 5th of May. Getting nervouse..
It's always a difficult thing to plan ahead so you have enough for everyone. With 10 people planned for this season it's been quite a rush..

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