Monday, 19 February 2007

Wet and Windy

Not much to report at the moment. The sky has been grey and overcast for days now, and looks like staying that way. I've been up the land a good bit, putting up the fence, deciding on which way the heating coils should coil..

I've also monitered the temperature of the woodchips, i've got a special probe thermomoter which makes me feel very scientific, but alas, alas no real change in temperature as of yet.

Everything feels like it's in stasis. The polytunnel will have it's skin on soon, the heating should be working and plants planted. There's a feeling of bated breath about.

Even though it feels like winter will stay around forever there are signs of sprin everywhere I look, buds on the rasberries, little green shoots of mint sprouting up... you can just feel it in the air..

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