Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Men of Action

Well today was such a lovely day that I just had to get out there and get something done!. With the help of my mate Pete, We got loads of cardboard from Penzance for more potato beds, and went hunting for the black stuff (horse manure)
here's pete knee-deep in the stuff

We then went to "Land's end trekking centre" where they have mountains of well rotted manure. It's about 8 miles away, but worth it for the quality of the manure. They also use very small amounts of antibiotics, if at all so it's really good stuff.

Back at the land you can see the materials piling up.

so a productive day all in all. Hoping to get some woodchips onto the coils tomorrow, the main problem has been getting them to stay where they are supposed to!

There's been a few teething problems with the heating, mainly my understanding of thermodynamics, i.e how hot does the heap need to be to push the water around 40m of pipe? will the pipe melt in high temperatures? etc.. So i'ts all about experimentation at this stage, will keep you updated.

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