Monday, 15 January 2007

wet wet wet

well the rain has returned, but we have heroically kept up the work. The final bits are now being put on the tunnel. Battens like this:
will hold the whole structure together, making for a solid but slightly bendy shape for the wind to play with.While it is wet, the ground does soak it up. it means I can't drive the car into the field with materials, if i did it would look something like this:

I've been talking to a canny cornish farmer today, he wouldn't part with any manure unless i paid him well for it, can't say i blame him, farming doesn't pay much these days. So i'll have to look elsewhere, the bulk of my fertility will come from seaweed, and seawater..what? yes but that's for later...
For now i'll look at this picture and wish the clouds away.

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