Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Doors of Perception

Despite inclement weather, the door frames are up, a bit shakey, but doing their job all the same. It gets a bit confusing looking at them, as they are on a hill. It's funny what looks straight but is actually slanted and vice versa, thank you to my good friend the spirit level!

You can see that a bit has being happening, I got the mini tractor out for the day and have nudged the tanks into position. The one uphill from the tunnel will supply irrigation water by gravity to the plants.
The downhill tank, which is bigger, will have the long blue hose whcih is currently stretched halfway around the field attached to it. This will then loop under the soil in the polytunnel. Once hooked up, it will have 20-30 tons of woodchips dumped on it.The warm water in the tank will circulate up into the tunnel and back down again.This will produce enough heat to keep the tunnel nice and warm.That's the plan anyway..

1 comment:

  1. Hey Dylan,

    Great to see the polly-tunnel slowly take shape. Good Luck with the wind!

    Peter Hardy